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Success for Teens


The Success for Teens Course will show Teens that success is not about smarts, looks, or luck. 


It's about becoming the best possible person they can be and making the most of their talents and opportunities. By understanding and applying the Slight Edge Trademark Philosophy, they will learn the time-tested principles for excelling in all areas of life.

We are pleased to sponsor this workshop, using the Success for Teens Book which is filled with stories and examples from today's teenagers, The Success for Teens Workshop will show Teenagers how to create a philosophy of action and attitude, discover what matters most in life, deal with challenges and obstacles and learn new ways of thinking so they can make the wisest choices at home, school or with their friends.

Radiant Apprentice Program (R.A.P.)


Providing Personal Development and Leadership Training to Teens and Young Adults by Providing Guidance and Support as They Journey into Adulthood.

This exceptional program is a 6 Week Course (held on weekends and summer months) designed to Provide a Curriculum and Course Load to increase each student/attendee Life Skills. 

A couple areas covered during the course:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Professionalism and Entrepreneurship 
  • Time Manangement
  • Goal Setting
  • Community Involvement
  • Basics of Money
  • Group Project
  • Graduation Ceremony

Ultimately this course is designed to improve upon and increase the Leadership and Personal Development Skills Teens and Young Adults need as they journey into adulthood and towards their goals and dreams.

Course Instructor:

Chrishawn Barkley is the son of President, Coach Tony. He has gone through his own set of life learning “lessons” as a young teen and young adult. 

As a stellar student of his Dad’s teaching directly and indirectly he has achieved success in many areas of his life. Shawn has attended and successfully completed “The 6 Laws of Success” Workshop.


He also is a Former Executive Director, National Marketing Company as well as a former Manager of two retail stores. He is an avid fan of the sport and game of Football and Basketball. 

Shawn's constant positive attitude and “can-do spirit” positions him to teach and coach the best game of all.. the game of Life.

Millennials Making Moves


This Bi-Monthly Event is designed for Millennials who are seeking:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Career advancement
  • Networking opportunities
  • Entrepreneur advice 

Expect to see Millennial experts who will lead powerful discussions from topics ranging in navigating the workplace, college survival tips to living financial free in the future.

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