Legal & Identity Theft Protection

Protect Your Family, Business and Your Personal Assets & Identity with a Simple, Comprehensive and Easy to Use Membership Coverage with LegalShield and IDShield.

"57 Million Americans Have a Legal Issue or Have Experienced Identity Theft according to a Research Study performed by Decision Analyst, Inc. That’s a lot of People!"

If You are an American and can answer YES to any of the following, then you may be IN NEED of a Legal & Identity Protection Program.

*Needed your Will prepared or updated?

*Been overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill?

*Had trouble with a warranty or defective product?

*Signed a contract?

*Received a moving traffic violation?

*Had concerns regarding child support?

*Worried about being a victim of Identity theft?

*Been concerned about your child's identity?

*Lost your wallet?

*Worried about entering personal information on-line?

*Feared the security of your medical information?

*Been pursued by a collection agency?

Contact us to speak with one of our Financial Consultants/Associates to hear how the Membership Program Works or You can simply click the link below to Learn More and Enroll. 

Get Protected! 2020 - The Year You "Worry Less & Live More"

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