Direct Sales Business Consulting

Congratulations! If you are currently an Associate/Representative or if you are interested in becoming part of what is considered to be one of the most powerful and dynamic business models in the world, then We here at Ambassadors 4HOPE can help You Succeed.

We’ve assisted Direct Sales Companies, Owners/ Associates/ Representative and Distributors who are part of the following Companies:

LegalShield, Mary Kay, Primerica, Rodan & Fields, People Helping People Financial Agency and YTB/Pro Travel Network to name a few!

With our Solutions and Coaching the Associates and Representatives have Achieved Success in the Following Areas:

*Increased Enrollment of New Members, Clients, Associates and Representatives, as well as

*Increased Revenue and Retention, Winning Contest and Earning Bonuses, Winning Cars and Earning Promotions!

Coach Tony has over 20-years of successful experience.

Coach Tony's Direct Sales Experience

"January 2002, Tony relocated and began marketing, recruiting and developing leaders for his new team. In a new area starting from scratch with no initial market, client base or team base, he began to build a Business and Team that would go on to become one of the top in the state and nation.

On July 4th 2002, after six months in a new city, he was promoted and inducted into the Financial Independence Council as he earned his first $100,000 (personal rolling 12 month income). During the next 3 years, he went on to develop, train and promote Five Vice Presidents and numerous Regional Managers, Division Leaders and Sales Associates within his organization. He then earned his promotion to Senior Vice President, as well as earned his Third Diamond ($380,000 Personal Income Level).

He was also inducted into the Field Cabinet, African American Leadership Council and inducted into the Prestigious Financial Independence Council. Tony was also honored when selected to become a key-note speaker at the company’s Recognition Convention in Boca Raton FL, Nashville TN and on the Entrepreneurial Public Network TV Station, as well as other Leadership Schools throughout the country. For the remainder of his tenure he was selected to visit several organizations within the company; speaking, consulting, sharing and motivating other representatives towards their success.

January 2009, after 12 years of working within Direct Sales, in Training and Consulting Associates and representatives for other companies, he decided to launch his own company, Ambassadors 4HOPE where he is the Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker. Tony made the commitment to his family and Inner Circle that his primary focus will now solely consist of pursuing his purpose and passion, which is Coaching and Mentoring individuals from his own personal and professional experience on how to accomplish their goals and dreams. After many years of service to others, Tony knows what is required "B4 Success" and is well seasoned, qualified and positioned to assist others on their journey."

Coach Tony is the Author of “The 6 Laws of Success” which is featured on Amazon. The book is a solid Navigational Guide to assist people from all walks of life who want to achieve success.


The industry and concepts have been around for decades and is really taking a gigantic leap in the way people do business, buy products and services. Most noteworthy major Fortune 500 Companies are now using this business model as a way to get their products and services out to the world.


If you are serious about getting the answers and help you need for YOUR Direct Sales Business, please contact us. We would love to talk with you and get a feel for what you want to achieve with your business and answer any questions you might have.


** within the message section below, please indicate what areas of your business you need help with, i.e. marketing, closing the sale, building your team etc. You may also indicate any pertinent information so that we may better assist you in providing you with a great consultation session! **

"Investing in Yourself, a Class or Workshop is the Most Important Investment You'll ever make in Your life"

~ Warren Buffett, Billionaire & Legendary Businessman

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