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“We Provide the Highest Quality of Leadership, Sales & Financial Training Solutions to Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that Increases Confidence, Belief and Success”


Business Consulting


As an Entrepreneur or Business Owner, you must continuously cope with ongoing change—whether transforming your business to take advantage of new market opportunities, restructuring to improve operational efficiency, leadership challenges and the more pressing issue increasing your Profits and Revenue.

Financial Consulting


Whether you’re just starting out, well on your way to living your dream, or eagerly approaching retirement, make sure you’re Financially Prepared to Achieve a Lifetime of Goals. We can help you reach them with a Personalized Plan.

Leadership & Sales Training


Leadership - Everything rises and falls on Leadership. If you see a company, sales team, organization, church or family that is successful, more than likely it's being run by someone who understands Leadership and has the skills to match. Sales - We all do it. From the kids lemonade stand to the entrepreneur who has a product or service or the major corporation who has a $1M+ product or service. Being masterful at sales will determine Success, PERIOD!

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Our President is pleased to announce the release of his book - 

The 6 Laws of Success


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"Keep Your Eyes Open & Your Head Up"

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Congratulations, Star Broadus! 

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Sue and Dennis.


Current Campaign



November is a good time to have your overall Personal Finances analyzed and reviewed by an expert to see what areas need to be adjusted or added to ensure you are back on course from the summer months and on track as you end the year 2019 with Hope and Excitement of the year 2020 to come.  

The Ambassadors 4HOPE Company has over 21 years of experience in Financial Services. We specialize in the areas of Insurance and Retirement Planning as well as Debt Elimination and Savings Strategies. During the month of November we will be offering Complimentary Financial Roadmaps and Financial Sessions to anyone who would like to ensure they are properly protected and are on track towards their Financial Goals and Dreams."  

You can make an appointment with one of financial consultants by reach us at info@ambassadors4hope.com or 


Coach Tony Training on Winning!

Winning with Enthusiasm & The "8 Assets"

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“8 Things You Must Admit Before You Can Achieve Personal Growth"

8 Things You Must Admit Before You Can Achieve Personal Growth (pdf)


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